About Goosekeeper

In 2020, I decided to launch Goosekeeper Trading Company. The idea germinated from my travels to Japan over the past 10 years, and my love and appreciation of the Japanese culture. My trips to Japan over the years have blessed me with knowledge, experiences and relationships that have profoundly evolved my ethical and cultural day to day life here in Montreal. My first imports are fine, premium roasted coffee beans from Japan, and floral tea grown in Japan, with new Japanese merchandise coming in the near future.

Furthermore, in 2021, after a couple of years of research and many obstacles, I was finally able to put all the elements together and with the help of some great people, deliver a sustainable, single origin instant coffee at a fair price.

When I began my journey to launch my first Specialty Instant Coffee a couple of years ago, there were key ideas that I wanted to adhere to: 

  • How can I reach more people with higher coffee qualities 
  • Continue to support farming partners at fair pricing 
  • Make a coffee that equals or exceeds that of a coffee shop
  • Avoid the waste, pollution, and needless time wasting

In my search, I found a manufacturing partner that was able to process Specialty Instant in a way that keeps the coffee purely natural and super delicious.

Mata ne,